This huge project was recommended by my best friend Harinder in Australia. It was him who recommend his customer Kim to me. First, let me introduce my best friend Harinder here. I met him when I came to Australia first time 3 years ago, at that time he was a engineer in a company, we knew each other in an party. He is nice guy, He is immigration from India.
So in the house design fields, he can up to the level of expertise, has great reputation at the local. At a meal, he reminded me that there would a design task for a Lab in his company, and he said he would like to recommend the Lab manager to me. In addition he also asked me if we also do SPC floor, I said with proud “YES”. Later that meal, he submitted the lab manager wechat to me. Please note, Australia people also use wechat for chatting, that’s why we got in touch with each other.
During the negotiation, the manager consulted our history, our qualities, our delivery time.

Вскоре я получил дополнительные ответы от менеджера, и мы установили хорошие отношения.Наконец, он купил 12 - миллиметровый антифрикционный слой HDF AC4 толщиной.так же, как и в Австралии, 12 мм должно быть.только эта норма важна.Я ценю то, что у меня есть настоящий друг, и что мне передали дело.