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How to choose the color of laminate flooring? How to match flooring bamboo and furniture to look better? The laminate flooring factory will take stock of some knowledge related to the color of laminated flooring bruce for everyone.

Laminated flooring has the same beautiful color and surface as solid wood flooring. In recent years, the process of Chinese laminate flooring factories has become increasingly mature. The Surface finish of laminate flooring is diverse, and the texture of EIR surface is more beautiful and natural than that of solid wood flooring. Laminate flooring best waterproof is a cost-effective floor decoration material. If considered from the aspects of price, stability, and wear resistance, the advantages of laminate flooring american are more obvious.

The colors of laminate flooring brands have Oak, Walnut, Teak, Maple, Apple wood, Catalpa wood, and Eggplant wood, ect. The appearance of a home space largely depends on the color used. As a floor occupying a large area of space, the color of the floor becomes the background and foundation of the entire household design, determines the color matching of other furniture products and soft decorations, and also determines the final home atmosphere. So friends who want to choose laminate flooring bedroom as floor decoration should pay attention to it. When choosing laminate flooring clearance, color is also an important factor in choosing.

1. Light laminate flooring colors

The light color scheme usually includes three relatively light tones: white, light gray, and light yellow, which can be used in bedrooms or small houses. The light laminate flooring ac6 appears spacious and comfortable when paired with white walls and wood colored furniture. Under transparent light, the light texture makes people feel very comfortable visually, making it very suitable for Nordic style home spaces, fresh and comfortable.

2. Yellow laminate flooring colors

Yellow is similar to log color, with comfortable and natural colors. It is a versatile color and is also a preferred flooring color for people. Yellow laminate flooring cheapest can bring a warm feeling to the entire home space, soft yet not abrupt, and can perfectly set off other furniture.

3. Dark laminate flooring colors

The dark color series mainly consists of dark brown, dark gray, black, gray black and other colors, which have a relatively calm temperament and a mysterious cold atmosphere, making them very suitable for creating industrial style homes.

4. Dark brown laminate flooring click

The dark brown wood color scheme mainly consists of coffee, walnut, reddish brown, and other colors. These colors are not only stable, but also slightly vibrant in tone, making them suitable for pairing with luxury furniture such as mahogany.

The laminate floor has a special decorative layer. Generally, Kraft paper printed with patterns is directly glued to the base layer after being dipped with melamine resin. On the printing of patterns, computers can be directly used to make imitation wood patterns or other patterns. The patterns are various and follow the trend, beautiful and fashionable. However, solid wood composite flooring generally only retains the natural color and texture of the original wood, and with limited tree species, although it has a strong sense of naturalness, the choice of colors is relatively limited, and there is also a certain color difference, which makes the decorative effect not as good as laminate flooring chevron.

In addition, if the wear-resistant layer on the surface of the laminate floor diy is thicker, it means a longer service life, which can generally reach over 15 years. The surface of solid wood composite flooring is generally decorated with paint, and although its wear resistance is higher than that of solid wood flooring, it is still weaker than that of laminate flooring discount, afraid of hard objects scratching, and has irreparable properties.