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If you're looking to install new flooring in your home but want an affordable and low-maintenance option, lowes vinyl flooring is a great choice. Vinyl flooring, also known as resilient flooring, provides a durable and water-resistant surface for high-traffic areas in homes. There are many options for cheap vinyl flooring that can fit within any budget.

Popular And Affordable Types Of Vinyl Flooring

One of the most popular and affordable types of vinyl flooring is self-adhesive vinyl planks or tiles. These can be installed as a DIY project without any adhesive or grout. The self-adhesive backing sticks directly to most existing floor surfaces like concrete, wood, or linoleum. For cheap vinyl flooring options, Lowe's offers a range of self-adhesive vinyl planks and tiles under their own brand name as well as brands like TrafficMaster and Smartcore Pro. For example, you can get a box of 9 self-adhesive vinyl tiles for around $25 to $30 that provide 9 square feet of coverage. Or for larger floor spaces, you can opt for vinyl planks that typically come in packs to cover 15 to 30 square feet for $30 to $50. The prices on these products often vary but frequently go on sale, so you can likely find them at even lower prices, especially if you're able to buy in bulk for a large flooring project.

Buying Direct From A Vinyl Flooring Self-adhesive Factory

If you want an even more affordable solution, buying direct from a vinyl flooring self adhesive factory or wholesaler is a great option. You can find many reputable vinyl flooring manufacturers and wholesalers based in China that sell direct to customers. For example, Jiangsu Green Deer Industrial Co. Ltd is a major vinyl flooring factory based in China that produces and sells their own Green Deer brand vinyl flooring products. On their company website and through some large direct wholesale marketplaces, they offer very affordable vinyl flooring options, including a range of self-adhesive vinyl tiles for between $0.50 to $2 per square foot. The Green Deer vinyl tiles get very good reviews and by ordering direct in larger quantities, huge cost savings can be achieved.

Other Cheap Vinyl Flooring Options To Consider

Other cheap vinyl flooring options to consider include peel and stick vinyl planks that don't require underlayment or adhesives, vinyl sheet flooring, and vinyl floor remnant rolls and tiles. Major home improvement retailers often have a selection of budget-friendly vinyl flooring in stock, with options starting under $1 per square foot. When on sale, you may be able to find vinyl plank or tile flooring for as little as $0.50 to $0.75 cents per square foot. For the budget shopper focused on the lowest price and passable quality, these mark-down vinyl flooring options can be suitable alternatives for some spaces.