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Herringbone laminate flooring is a pattern similar to a herringbone shape formed by intersecting rectangular wooden blocks at oblique angles, hence it is called a herringbone or parquet.

The size of herringbone laminate flooring: 600x100mm

Thickness of herringbone: 8mm, 10mm ,11mm or 12mm, Customers can choose it.

Wear layer: AC3, AC4 or AC5, customers can choose it.

Total 8 colors for herringbone laminate flooring:









The Characteristics of Herringbone laminate flooring:

1. Unique and beautiful appearance

Herringbone laminate flooring is famous for its unique patterns, bringing exquisite, symmetrical, and interesting visual effects to the room.

2. Enhance the sense of space

Due to the diagonal laying method of the herringbone laminate floor panel, the laminate floor panels can visually extend and expand, making the room appear more spacious and spacious.

3. Strong decorative properties

The herringbone laminate floor panel symbolizes tradition and fine craftsmanship, and is often associated with elegant and high-end decoration styles. It can give a room a luxurious and classical atmosphere, increasing the taste and value of decoration.

Suitable space for herringbone flooring:

Herringbone laminate flooring is suitable for multiple functional spaces, bringing different decorative effects to different spaces.

Living room and dining room: The herringbone laminate flooring adds an elegant and exquisite atmosphere to these areas, making them the focus of decoration.

Corridor and entrance area: The herringbone flooring creates a striking visual effect on the ground surface of the corridor and entrance area, adding highlights to home decoration.

Study and office: Herringbone laminate flooring can bring a professional and elegant atmosphere to the work area, making the environment more comfortable and efficient.

Herringbone laminate flooring is suitable for decoration styles such as light luxury, modern, Nordic, and French styles, all of which are very suitable for herringbone stitching. The herringbone flooring has a very layered feel, even if the entire house is laid out, it can look orderly and not messy. The texture of the wood grain combined with low saturation light tones can create an artistic home space.

The advantages of herringbone wood flooring:

1. Compact structure.

The width of the floor used for the herringbone laminate flooring assembly is relatively narrow, and after consolidation, the structure is relatively dense, and the floor is connected as a whole. This method does not require drilling and does not damage the original ground structure.

2. Easy to assemble.

The herringbone laminate plywood flooring generally adopts a card slot design, which can be easily fixed by aligning the card slot with the ground, making assembly very convenient.