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The identification of laminate flooring substrates can be carried out through the following four aspects:

1. Color comparison: By observing the color of the substrate at the laminate floor grooves, you can identify the quality of the laminated flooring substrate. The color of high-quality laminate flooring substrate should present the natural color of pine and poplar wood; Poor quality flooring substrates are made of miscellaneous wood and shrubs because high-quality logs are not selected during the production process; Or to reduce costs without peeling, the color of inferior substrates will appear dark brown, which can be clearly seen through comparison. 


2, Look at the fiber of laminate flooring: By observing the wood fiber of the base material at the cutting position of the floor, you can identify the quality of the floor base material. The cutting place of high-quality laminate flooring substrate can see uniform, robust, and densely arranged wood fibers, and the fiber color presents a natural wood color,; The wood fibers at the cutting site of inferior base materials exhibit significant uneven thickness, and even have obvious flaky objects. The fibers vary in color, ranging from dark to light, and even black and brown spots can be seen.

3,Smell the smell: By smelling the smell of the laminate floor substrate interface, you can also identify the quality of the floor substrate. A good laminated floor emits a fresh wood aroma, which is not pungent or dazzling; The smell of inferior flooring is too strong, pungent, and even leads to tears.

4. Check the cross section: Looking at the interior substrate from the edge, the high-density laminate flooring substrate looks very detailed. A good laminate flooring substrate feels smooth, flat, and free of particles, while a poor laminate flooring substrate feels very rough. After cutting the wood flooring, a good laminate flooring has a very uniform cross-sectional distribution, and no obvious distribution can be seen.


How to choose high-quality laminate flooring?

Nowadays, there are many types of laminate flooring on the market, with prices varying from high to low, and there are many laminate flooring brands. When choosing laminate flooring, everyone usually prefers to choose high-quality ones. So how do you choose high-quality laminate flooring?

1. Wear-resistant. The reason why people choose laminate flooring is mainly because of its good wear-resistant properties. Therefore, when investigating laminate flooring, it is important to pay more attention to its wear-resistant properties, to see if it is wear-resistant and resistant to twists and turns. In short, it can be very resistant to cleaning. Some businesses also emphasize wear-resistance when promoting it, such as when the wear-resistant revolution reaches tens of thousands, Or as high as 18000. Although the number of revolutions is relatively high and relatively wear-resistant, it is also more prone to wear and tear, so it is relatively fragile. As long as you choose a product with 6000 or more revolutions, you don't need to buy too many revolutions.

2,See if it's environmentally friendly. No matter what the laminate flooring merchants say about their products as healthy and environmentally friendly, they will contain certain amounts of formaldehyde and adhesives inside. Therefore, we should choose laminate flooring that has a formaldehyde emission amount within the national standard range. All aspects of the product's indicators should pass the national inspection, and it is best to use a unique six-sided moisture-proof technology to prevent formaldehyde from spilling out.

3,See if the auxiliary materials are matched. When choosing laminate flooring, everyone also needs to pay attention to accessories. If inappropriate accessories are selected, the functionality of the laminate flooring will be reduced, so this should also be asked clearly.

When purchasing laminate flooring, you can follow the above method to investigate, and also understand how long the after-sales service lasts. This is also a very important aspect. Whether the quality and service of the product are guaranteed or not can be reassuring