I must took this as my top recommendation, I am lucky and appreciate this project, as I learned so much during this whole process.
Its my little sister school play ground project. As well as I felt so lucky I got this enquiry from Alibaba as well. As we all know, its humidity all year round, so, SPC and LVT are must items in the country. So, I got this SPC enquiry from Alibaba, the clerk name is Daniel, at that time, he enquired 4mm SPC, with a good wear layer 0.5 wear layer. We made a long time phone call, check again and again about the price, the size, mute pad. Previous times, he asked our regular size of 1220*180mm, then 1000*150, we checked many times for the size. As it was his first time export floors from China, I did plenty of extra offers for him. Such as, send him our distributors information, send samples(3 times), helped him buy other accessories in China such as bolts, drill, other building materials etc. We cooperated very well during this process. I also would like to give my little sister big hug, she offered so much during my business. At last, we both confirmed the specification of 5mm thickness, 0.3 wear layer, with IXPE mute pad 1mm. Here, I would recommend our underlayment as well. They have the same function with mute pad but with a lower cost. For constructions, they are the best options for you.