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PVC flooring is increasingly used in various places in society, and it is also important to choose the corresponding flooring materials according to different places, which can be divided into roll and sheet materials in terms of form. Additionally, PVC flooring is widely used in commercial, hospital, school, indoor sports venues, and other places. It is said that Japan has designated PVC flooring as the main flooring material for reconstruction.

  • 1.PVC roll flooring is a material that is rolled one by one.
  • 2.Sheet PVC flooring is one piece at a time.

Sheet And Roll PVC Flooring Used May Vary

PVC flooring made of sheet materials:

The places where sheet and roll flooring are used may vary. The patterns and patterns of PVC flooring made of sheet materials are more diverse compared to roll materials. Sheet materials are more suitable for small areas and can also be used in places that require good decorative effects. In home decoration, small shopping malls, shops, hotels, etc., generally use sheet flooring more frequently for areas below 500 square meters. Because the splicing of sheet flooring is easy.

PVC roll flooring:

For large areas such as schools, hospitals, and indoor sports venues, it is more suitable to lay PVC roll flooring. In places like hospitals, seamless connections are required for the ground, and PVC roll flooring can meet these requirements, while sheet materials cannot achieve seamless connections. The elasticity of PVC roll flooring is much better than that of sheet materials, with good elasticity, easy installation, antibacterial, durable, and easy maintenance.

Maintenance And upkeep About PVC Flooring

  • 1.It is prohibited to use sharp objects to impact, scrape, cut, or shovel the floor.
  • 2.It is prohibited to use the method of washing stone floors to wash the floors.
  • 3.Door mats should be placed at the entrance and exit to reduce the wear and tear on the floor caused by sediment.