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First of all, when choosing a floor, at least more than ten physical and chemical standards such as formaldehyde content, moisture content, adhesive performance, and mechanical properties of the floor must be considered. In order to avoid consumers being deceived when purchasing and to protect the interests of consumers, Bunny Rabbit recommends that consumers go to brand stores or professional flooring stores with brand sales authorization letters to buy, and don't want to be cheap for a while.

When purchasing, if you choose to import original products, you should ask the seller for the following information: the unit price of the import declaration, the place of origin, the certificate of origin on the list, the country of manufacture and the name of the manufacturer, the imported model, size, Quantity etc.

When purchasing, if you choose to import original products, you should ask the seller for the following information: the unit price of the import declaration, the place of origin, the certificate of origin on the list, the country of manufacture and the name of the manufacturer, the imported model, size, Quantity etc.

When purchasing, if you choose to import original products, you should ask the seller for the following information: the unit price of the import declaration, the place of origin, the certificate of origin on the list, the country of manufacture and the name of the manufacturer, the imported model, size, Quantity etc.

Looking at the color, a good floor has a metallic luster, and the pattern texture is clear and real. If the surface of the floor is dull, dull, the texture of the pattern is blurred, and the effect is poor, it is a fake and inferior product.

Look at the sense of touch, the high-density board particles of a good floor are uniform and without variegation, and it feels hard to the touch. The density boards of fake and inferior floors are of inferior quality, rough particles, and different colors. However, due to the different materials used for density boards, it is normal for different floors to have different colors.

Laminate Flooring Concept

Laminate flooring is also called impregnated paper laminated wood flooring, laminate flooring, laminate flooring. Laminate flooring is generally composed of four layers of materials, namely wear-resistant layer, decorative layer, high-density substrate layer, and balance layer.

Advantages of Laminate Flooring

The surface layer of laminate flooring is wear-resistant layer, which is composed of aluminum oxide known as artificial diamond. It has high wear resistance and can only leave very shallow marks when scraped with sharp hard objects. Pollution resistance, corrosion resistance, compression resistance and impact resistance are better than solid wood flooring.

Laminate flooring is made of fast-growing forest wood as the base material, so the cost is low, and at the same time it can be produced on a large scale, so the market price is relatively cheap and cost-effective. The price difference is obvious, so you must not only pursue low prices to buy inferior flooring products.

Since the wear-resistant layer on the surface of the laminated floor has good properties such as wear resistance, compression resistance, impact resistance, fire resistance, and chemical pollution resistance, in daily use, it only needs to be cleaned with a wrung rag, mop or vacuum cleaner. When the floor is greasy or stained, just wipe it with a cloth dampened with detergent.

Laminate flooring is rich in color and pattern, which fully meets the needs of individual design. There are many varieties of designs and colors, fashionable colors, and can simulate various natural or artificial patterns.

Classification of Laminate Flooring

According to the specifications, laminate flooring can be divided into three types. The specification of standard laminate flooring is about 1200*190mm; the specification of wide-board laminate flooring is about 1200*295mm;

According to the surface coating, laminate flooring can be divided into three types: aluminum trichloride, melamine, and piano lacquer. These three types of laminate flooring are mainly due to the different layers of the surface and different characteristics. When purchasing, you can choose according to different needs and budgets.

According to the characteristics of the floor, laminate flooring can also be divided into four types: crystal surface, embossed surface, lock, and mute type.

The surface of the crystal surface laminated floor is flat, and it is relatively simple to take care of; It can reduce the trampling noise, play the role of sound insulation and sound absorption, and increase the feeling of feet.

Detailed knowledge of reinforced floor structure

Laminate flooring is popular among consumers because of its cheap price, stable performance, wear resistance and durability. Of course, as a relatively new type of wood flooring product, it has so many functions that are inseparable from its structure. 

Today I will talk about it Strengthen the structure of the floor and the functional advantages it brings.

1. Wear-resistant layer

The wear-resistant layer determines the wear-resistant and durable performance of the laminate floor to a large extent. The wear-resistant degree of the wear-resistant layer depends on the type and thickness of the wear-resistant paper suitable for the laminate floor. The quality we see now is relatively low. Good laminate floors are all made of aluminum oxide wear-resistant paper, with a wear-resistant rotation of at least 4,000 rotations, and a better wear-resistant layer with a rotation of 6,000 rotations, which can basically guarantee use for more than ten years.

2. Decorative layer

The decorative layer of laminate flooring is mainly composed of various decorative papers, so we can see that laminate flooring can have many colors and textures, because these decorative papers can do it, but pay attention when purchasing laminate flooring The quality of decorative paper is good or bad. Generally speaking, good decorative paper has clear colors, strong three-dimensional effect, can resist ultraviolet rays and is not easy to fade, while poor-quality decorative paper has fuzzy colors, and it will fade after about half a year of sunlight.

3. Substrate layer

The substrate layer of laminate flooring determines its compressive and load-bearing performance, waterproof and moisture-proof performance, and environmental protection performance, so it is in a very important position in the structure of laminate flooring. Generally speaking, the base material for high-quality laminate flooring is now They are all high-density fiberboard with environmental protection performance meeting national standards. However, the laminated floor made of it is all relatively poor in various performances.

Laminate flooring is mainly composed of three layers: wear-resistant, decorative and base materials. They correspond to the various properties of laminate flooring. If any part fails to meet the standard, it will cause the entire laminate floor to be easily problem appear.

Laminate flooring is cheap and has many advantages, so many families will give priority to laminate flooring when decorating. In daily life, how to maintain laminate flooring? The following is the laminate floor maintenance guide, if you need it, please collect it quickly!

Laminate Floor Care Guide

1. It is not advisable to move in immediately after the laminate flooring is installed. Many people ask: How long can the laminate floor be moved in? Generally speaking, it can be placed for two or three months before moving in. There are two advantages: one is to dissipate the formaldehyde of the laminate floor, and the other is to wait The floor is completely stable.

2. In daily life, the maintenance of the laminate floor should keep the floor dry. When doing sanitation, the mop should be wrung dry, and chemical cleaners such as floor essential oils should be used as little as possible. Frequent use of chemical cleaners will make the surface of the laminate floor dull and damaged. paint film. Leave the windows open after mopping to allow the moisture on the laminate surface to dry.

3. Keep the room clean to prevent sand, glass shards and other sharp objects from scratching the floor. When walking on the floor, try to wear cloth slippers. We also remind everyone: Do not throw cigarette butts when smoking, so as not to burn the floor.

4. After sprinkling water on the reinforced floor, wipe it clean in time. In rainy weather, remember to manage the doors and windows in time to prevent the rain from soaking the floor, because the reinforced floor is deformed and cracked.

5. Avoid sun exposure as much as possible to avoid premature aging and cracking of surface paint under long-term ultraviolet radiation.

6. The reinforced floor should be waxed and maintained regularly. Before waxing, clean the laminated floor, then apply wax, wait for a layer to dry, and then apply another layer, and then wipe it with a soft cloth until it is smooth and bright. Waxing and maintenance can prolong the strengthening process. The service life of the floor.

Why does laminate flooring have warped edges?

Laminate flooring is a wood flooring product that is popular among consumers at the present stage. It has strong stability, and it is almost difficult to experience deformation problems such as shrinkage and swelling during use. However, a small number of consumers find that There is a problem of edge warping in the laminate flooring for home improvement, so what causes the edge warping of the laminate floor known for its stability?

1. There is a warped edge at the lock

Since the locks of the laminate flooring are interlocked, when the area is damp for a long time, it will swell, but due to the locking force, it cannot move to both sides, which will cause the locks to bulge. There are two reasons that can lead to this situation. One is that too much moisture from the ground causes the laminate floor to be damp, and the other is that the ground base is too wet and the laminate floor is damp.

2. Warped edges around the room

After a period of time after the laminate floor is installed, warping may occur at the adjacent places of the door, bathroom and kitchen. This is because in some rooms, the laminated floor is installed just after the paint is scraped on the wall, and the edge of the wall is still very wet.

3. Edge warping caused by product quality

If the water absorption thickness expansion rate of the purchased laminate flooring does not meet the standard, then when the indoor humidity reaches a certain level, all the laminate flooring will expand due to water absorption and cause large-scale warping, but the quality of the laminate flooring is not up to standard. caused.

It can be seen from the analysis of the warping of the laminate flooring in the above three points that most of them are warping caused by the moisture of the laminate floor, and once warping occurs, it is difficult to repair, so we should do a good job of laminate flooring before and after installation Another part of the reason for maintenance and moisture-proof work is that the quality of the laminate floor is not up to standard. This can be avoided by choosing a brand laminate floor in the purchase, and the quality is guaranteed.

Do Laminate Floors Need Maintenance?

Laminate flooring is chosen by many families for its advantages of wear resistance and low price. Consumers who buy laminate flooring often ask: Does laminate flooring need maintenance? The following discussion will discuss whether the laminate floor needs maintenance, to analyze whether the laminate floor needs maintenance.

Does laminate flooring require maintenance? The editor thinks it is necessary to understand the structural composition of the laminated floor. According to the top ten brands of flooring, the high-brand flooring understands that the laminated floor is composed of a wear-resistant layer, a decorative layer, a high-density substrate layer, a balance (moisture-proof) layer, and four layers of materials. Composite composition. Judging from the structure of these four layers of materials, the laminate floor can be maintained without daily maintenance, but the following points should be paid attention to during use, so as to ensure the normal service life of the laminate floor.

1. Avoid damp or soaking in water

Wooden floors have the characteristics of wetness and swelling. Any floor is afraid of water and moisture, and laminate flooring is no exception. In daily use, you must pay attention to the dryness of the floor, avoid soaking in water, and try to wring the mop dry when cleaning. There are stubborn stains When necessary, a neutral detergent can be added for partial wiping. Do not use acidic, alkaline, or soapy water and other corrosive liquids to clean the floor surface.

2. Avoid sun exposure

Laminate flooring is prone to deformation, cracking and fading when exposed to sunlight for a long time. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job of sun protection for the reinforced floor, especially in the hot summer, to avoid sun exposure.

3. Prevent drifting rain during the rainy season

In the continuous rainy season, remember to close the windows to avoid the floor from being soaked by the rain. At the same time, pay attention to indoor ventilation and distribute indoor moisture. Maintaining normal temperature and humidity is also conducive to prolonging the life of the floor.

4. Prevent heavy objects from being scratched

Although there is a wear-resistant layer on the surface of the laminate floor, sharp objects, heavy objects, and the gravel and dust on the soles of the shoes will also cause certain wear and tear on the laminate floor, so pay attention to it in daily use.