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1. The carefully designed bottom silent layer of Luckyforest vinyl floor, IXPE and EVA environmental protection materials, prevent the friction sound generated by walking, have good sound absorption effect, flexible rebound, and reduce the impact force of people and objects.

2. Vinyl flooring has been popular in Europe and America for more than 8 years. It does not contain wood fiber, so it is not afraid of water and can be laid in wet environments such as toilets.

3. The surface of Luckyforest vinyl flooring adopts PVC wear-resistant layer, which is 5 times higher than that of the laminate floor.

 4. Luckyforest flooring uses 3D real wood grain, fine solid wood texture, and unique beauty. The floor surface adopts infrared flower matching technology, and the direction of each groove coincides with the texture. The three-dimensional texture is far more than the ordinary floor.

5. Waterproof, anti-skid and fall-proof. The upgraded 3D texture three-dimensional design effectively blocks the water film and improves the daily usability of the floor.

6. Anti-termite erosion. Vinyl flooring's anti-termite performance is incomparable with other floors, which further improves the durability and use strength of the floor.

7. It is environmentally friendly and free of formaldehyde and pungent smell. There is no chemical reaction in the production process of Vinyl. The floor is extruded without glue and inferior materials.

8. With scientific production technology, the paved floor consumes less than other floors, which can save customers money.

How to install the spc floor?

The requirements of stone plastic floor for the ground need to ensure that the ground is flat and solid.

The first step is to detect the moisture content and temperature of the floor. Generally speaking, people can use a temperature hygrometer to measure the indoor temperature and the surface temperature to see if it is about 15 ℃, and if the moisture content of the base is less than 3%. If so, wooden floors can be laid in this environment. The main thing is that the stone plastic floor should not be laid in the environment below 5 ℃ and above 30 ℃ to avoid damage. If the water content is greater than 3% and the construction is urgent, the epoxy interface treatment agent can be used for priming treatment.


The second step is that the floor needs to be treated before the installation of the stone plastic floor. People should use the floor grinder to polish the floor as a whole to make the floor smooth for construction. After polishing, people use industrial vacuum cleaners to clean the floor, suck away dust and keep the floor clean. If there are cracks on the floor, repair them.

The third step is to base the floor. If the base course is absorbent, concrete, cement mortar, etc. shall be used for sealing and priming. If it is non-absorbent, ceramic tile, marble, etc. can be used for priming.

The fourth step is to stir the self-leveling slurry. When mixing the self-leveling slurry, it must be free of caking and flow evenly.

The fifth step is to lay the stone plastic floor, pour the mixed self-leveling slurry on the construction floor, and use the self-leveling air release roller to gently roll. When laying the stone plastic floor, there should be no joint between the floor and the floor, and the joint should be seamless.

The above is the installation method of stone plastic floor. Have you learned?